Yamaha Prospective Dealers

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What is the process to apply for a dealership?

The first step is to become familiar with all the prospect information as outlined on the Minimum Requirements and FAQ pages. If you meet all the requirements, the next step is to submit a request for contact via the Contact Me link on this website. A representative from Yamaha will contact you within 15 business days. Assuming that there is a market need for a new dealer and you satisfy all requirements, you will be asked to submit a resume, personal referrals, a 3 year pro forma business plan  and complete a preliminary application. Lastly, prior to final approval, you must qualify for a credit line as outlined in the minimum requirements. The process will vary slightly depending on if you are buying an existing dealer, or if you plan to open a new dealership

What is the initial cost to open a new Yamaha motorsport dealership?

Cost will vary greatly depending on product lines carried and anticipated retail volume. There are many costs outside of Yamaha's control that you need to consider when opening a new dealership such as facility cost (purchase price, lease, renovation costs, etc.) as well employee salaries, insurance, computer systems, and internal fixtures such as desks, chairs, and unit lifts for the service department.

Actual Yamaha costs could vary as well. In general if plan on opening a new point (non-buyout of an existing Yamaha dealer), with the full motorsports product line, you should anticipate the following costs. Note: the prices listed below are meant as a guideline and are subject to change without notification. Certain items listed below will vary depending on product lines carried, location, and intended retail volume.

Background Check Fee - $200
Special tools (required for servicing Yamaha units) - $8,000
Minimum parts, apparel and accessories order - $9,000
Yamaha and Star exterior sign - $5,000
Travel expenses for Dealer Operations Training - $1,000
Fee for Dealer Operations Training - $1,000
Yamaha Literature (service, product brochures) - $5,100
Yamaha minimum facility requirements (fixtures) - $5,000
Working Capital - $150,000
Estimated total - $184,300

Can I open a Yamaha dealership in any location I want?

To assist with the success of our new and existing business partners, Yamaha Motor Corporation will only setup new dealerships where there is sufficient market demand and that are in the recommended location with an approved facility. Yamaha is also bound to comply with all state regulations as they apply to license and title-able vehicles. Because of these factors, every situation is unique and you should be prepared to consider alternate locations and or timelines.

Do I have to carry the entire Yamaha product line?

Dealership profitability is a primary objective for Yamaha Motor Corporation. Therefore statistical market demand ultimately determines which products a dealer is allowed to carry. Yamaha’s preference is for a full line motorsports dealership (motorcycle, scooter, ATV, side by side, snowmobile, and generator), but only when and where it makes sense.

Can I carry personal watercraft in addition to any motorsports product?

Personal watercraft, sport boats, marine engines, go karts and golf cars are not considered motorsports products. Motorsports products include motorcycles, scooters, ATV’s, side by side utility vehicles, snowmobiles and consumer generators. While it is possible to carry other Yamaha products in a motorsports dealership, Yamaha Motor Corporation has separate Dealer Agreements for each product mentioned above. Because of these separate Dealer Agreements, the prospect must apply and qualify for each product line separately.